8 Hikkigaya Hachiman Quotes For Every Loner!

There’s Naruto filled with emotions. There’s DBZ for action and then there’s Oregairu. It’s one of the few anime which is a slaughtering example of modern reality.

Time is cruel. It’s responsible for the summers that come and go and for the leaves in the autumn that shrivel and fall to the ground. With time people change and Hachiman has taught us just that. Hence we decided to flood you with some of the best quotes from Hachiman on being genuine and reality.

I hope you enjoy Hachiman’s philosophy as much as I do. It’s something we need to treasure lifelong. My teen romantic comedy snafu quotes

#1  Hikkigaya Hachiman Quotes on Hardwork

Hardwork betrays none, but dreams betray many.

Hikkigaya uses this when he was asked to work harder to make friends. According to Hikkigaya, working hard doesn’t guarentee success. But it surely does guarantee you of satisfaction. The satisfaction that you gave your everything in this task.

hikigaya hachiman quotes

Hikkigaya Hachiman Quotes on Fake people

Fake people have an image to maintain, real people just don’t care.

When people try to advise him on trying to get better at some things. He tells them that he doesn’t care about what they think of him . His life doesn’t revolve around what others think of him in fact.

hikigaya hachiman quotes

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