Hikkigaya Hachiman – I want something genuine

Hikkigaya Hachiman – I want something genuine

Expecting others to read your mind is delusional. But, It’s not empty words I’m after. There was something else I desired all along. Not mutual understanding, friendship, companionship, or anything of the sort. I don’t care about being understood. I simply wish to understand.

Understand, know, and rest easy in that knowledge– gain some peace of mind. Wanting to know people inside-out because being in the dark terrifies me is an awfully self-indulgement, egoistic, and arrogant wish. It’s downright despicable and disgusting.

Having a desire like that makes me sick to the stomach! But if it’s at all possible to share that desire– if it’s possible to have a relationship where you’re free to burden one another with that repulsive self-gratification.I know that it’s out of the question! I know that it’s out of my reach! Even so! Even so, I want something genuine.

Hikkigaya Hachiman Philosophy

Personally I love this quote. Since it’s very deep. Hachiman like most of you reading this, has been hurt in the past. Treated like shit and used. He didn’t like it either. He lived a sad life where he was undervalued. Where he was forced to be someone he wasn’t.

When Hachiman said, he wants something genuine. He meant really genuine. Where he can be himself. Where he can open up. Most of us in real life have filters when we are around people. Hachiman didn’t like that. He loved being genuine.

A world where there’s no hypocrisy. A world everything is straightforward and not curved. He didn’t want to be cynical. It’s just that the world around him was too cruel. And he accepted that, thus giving rise to a cynical personality which resulted in everyone having a good life other than himself.

Personally I found it cruel in the first season of the anime. But as it progressed, life did improve and his quest for wanting something genuine. He finally had real friends in Yuki and Yui. Not to forget Hayama.

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