9 Hikikomori Anime Characters Addicted To The Internet

Hikikomori Anime Characters Addicted To The Internet

The internet. Some old guy told me it’s a series of tubes, and who am I to argue? It’s also addicting. I mean, you are reading this on the internet, right? Here are some anime characters who probably more addicted than you!

Here are the top 9

9. Izzy – Digimon

How many computer geniuses do you know that got their start at the age of 10? Izzy is always spending time on his laptop solving problems and probably writing Digimon slash-fic.

8. Kaoru Yamazaki – Welcome to the NHK

Kaoru puts his otaku tenancies to good use by enrolling in a school to learn video game programming and design so he can create the ultimate eroge.

7. Kazuma Ikezawa – Summer Wars

Kazuma rarely leaves his room, but he is also the world’s most renowned OZ player as King Kazma. All those corporate sponsors are the things MLG dreams are made of.

6. Lucifer – The Devil is a Part-Timer!

Sure, Lucifer was the first to learn how to use powers while on Earth. He could probably threaten most of life if he wanted to. But everything changed the moment Sadou gave him a laptop.

5. Tomoko Kuroki – WataMote

Tomoko lives on the internet. She even has 50 years of dating experience thanks to otome games. However, it’s not all happiness for Tomoko, since it’s one of her ways of dealing with social anxiety and ineptitude.

4. Yuuko Shionji – Heaven’s Memo Pad

The leader of a NEET detective team, Yuuko doesn’t have to leave her home to solve crimes thanks to the internet.

3. Konata Izumi – Lucky Star

Konata will use any excuse to neglect her studying just to surf the web, watch anime, read manga, or read games. Basically, she’s your spirit animal.

2. Sora and Shiro – No Game No Life

No one is better than Sora and Shiro (known as Blank) at online games, and that includes gods from other realities.

1. Jesus Christ – Saint Young Men

Jesus loves everything, which extends to the glory of the internet. He even runs a crazy popular blog, because, well…he totally looks like Johnny Depp!

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