Will Hi Score Girl Season 3 Release?

Will Hi Score Girl Season 3 Release?

Netflix has been releasing new anime consistently over the last eighteen months. Hi Score Girl being one of them. It is based on the manga by Rensuke Oshkiri.

The anime is being produced by JC staff who are also well known for titles such as One Punch Man season 2, Food Wars and Golden Time. But will Hi Score Girl Season 2 come out?

Hi Score Girl Season 3 Release Date

The story revolves around Yaguchi who has nothing to brag about. He’s ugly, he isn’t smart either, but there’s one thing he’s good at and that is arcade games.

But things change when his friend Ono challenges him for the title of the best arcade player. Things start to change, as they start challenging each other on a regular basis across all forms of arcade games.

Hi Score Girl Season 2 Renewal Status

While the anime comes with a original tag, it doesn’t mean it’ll be renewed as they’ve just bought the rights for the content. The first season ended with twenty seven chapters out of fifty one. So, there’s still plenty of content left to cover. If there’s one thing we know, then it’s the fact that we’ll get to see the OVA in the near future.

At the end of the first season we saw that Hidaka confessed her feelings towards Yaguchi. So, basically she has made it known that she won’t give up easily. To add to that, is the rematch for the game with an absurd condition. If Hidaka wins, then Yaguchi will be her boyfriend. Complicated? Maybe

That aside, we genuinely hope that the anime gets another season. What do you guys think? Do let us know about it in the comments section.

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