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Hi Bye Mama Quotes

Netflix has been releasing some of the best k-dramas. Memories of the Alhambra, Romance is a Bonus book, Crash Landing you among others. The latest drama that’s capturing hearts is Hi Bye Mama.

The drama revolves around a a ghost, who earns a second chance at life for a mere 49 days.After that, she reappears in front of her remarried husband and young daughter. Only to complicate things. If you haven’t already watched, you definitely should.
As the drama is too perfect. Combined with great soundtracks.It’s certainly worth your time.
With that being said, I compiled some of the best Hi Bye Mama Quotes. Hope you guys like these.

Deep Hi Bye Mama Quotes

My district is the only one with a zero percent accomplishment. Zero. 
If that’s what you were going to do, why give us democracy. To begin with.
So you told us to choose whether we’d stay here or get reincarnated. But now you’re telling us to go up. Because the population is decreasing. Deities are no different than humans.

Hi bye mama quotes

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