Happy Birthday Back Number Lyrics English and Meaning

Tsumaranai kotoba no kurikaeshi de
Tsujitsuma mo kitto attenai monogatari no tsuzuki ni
Hitori yogari no mainichi ni
Kimi ni itte hoshii dake

Kudaranai hanashi wa omoitsuku no ni
Kimi wo dakishimete ii riyuu dake ga mitsukaranai
Aa sou ka sou da yo na
HAPPII BAASUDEI kataomoi no ore

HAPPII BAASUDEI kataomoi no ore

Happy Birthday Back Number Lyrics Translation

The date changed unintentionally
I wonder why I will get older
I will not grow tall anymore
I jumped up with the sound of the incoming call, but I lost it

I thought you were something
With some mistake
Will not you like it?
The place where you really do not exist

The air is thin
I will come up with a stupid story
I can not find just a reason for hugging you
Oh yes it seems so

Happy birthday unrequited love
I do not know what love is
It may be detailed if it is a pain of name you like
I want to tell you but, after all

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