Hachiman girlfriend

Hachiman girlfriend

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I have been following Oregairu for sometime now. Around four years to be precise. Even though I had seen plenty of anime, I had never seen a character like Hachiman.

Hikkigaya Hachiman was a unique character. He found solace in himself. Not to forget, what made him unique is the fact that he developed his own idealogy in this complex world. It was refreshing to be honest. After being bombarded with “Never give up” by Shounen anime, this was something I desperately was looking for.

Thanks to Oregairu, I went on to watch Sakurasou no pet no Kanojo, Seishun Buta yarou and many more slice of life anime. With all that being said, one thing I often wondered about is, who would Hachiman’s ideal girlfriend?

Both in anime and outside the anime. Cause, it’s fun to think outside the box for a second.

Hikkigaya Hachiman’s girlfriend in Oregairu

If there’s one thing that story suggests, then it’s the fact that Yukino is the ideal partner for Hachiman. I mean they check all boxes and they get along in a weird way. They’re more similar than any pairings in the anime.

But similars together are boring. What about Yui Yuigahama?

Yui and Hachiman are polar opposites when it comes to personalities, but surprisingly they get along very well. It’s similar to the saying “opposites attract each other”. Despite their differences, Yui accepts Hachiman for who he is. Which is what makes the pairing so great. But the best part is the fact that Yui has feelings for Hachiman, which she indicates at the end of the second season.

Then there’s the Isshki, the vixen.

She’s similar to Yui, but also comes of as a too strong. She is a combination of pepper and sugar, when it comes to her pesonality. Sometimes she is sweet, other times she’s crazy. Which is not all that bad.

But for me personally, I’d like to see Hachiman with Yui. Even though he might end up with Yukino considering how the story is moving.

What do you guys think?

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