19 Fullmetal Alchemist Quotes For Motivation and Inspitation!

Fullmetal Alchemist was my second anime. I watched it after finishing Naruto, and boy was it good! The Anime struck deep, laying the foundation for me as an otaku. The inspirational quotes from Fullmetal Alchemist resonated a lot with my feelings at that time. Hence, I decided to make some fullmetal alchemist quotes which I believe you would absolutely appreciate.

#1 Edward Elric Quotes

It’s a cruel and random world, but the chaos is all so beautiful.

fullmetal alchemist quotes


#2 Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Quotes

A painless lesson is one without any meaning, one who does not sacrifice anything cannot achieve anything

fullmetal alchemist quotes

#3 Fullmetal Alchemist Quotes equivalent exchange

You can’t gain something without sacrificing something in return. This is the rule of alchemy. The law of equivalent exchange.

fullmetal alchemist quotes

#4 Edward Elric Quotes

What?! I’m not small! It’s the world that’s too big!!

fullmetal alchemist quotes

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