Will Friends From College Season 3 Come?

After an year, Netflix’s friends from college is finally here for the second season. The first season garnered mixed review, but a season 2 was announced one month later. Now, that the second season has aired, the question remains, will there be a season 3 of friends from college?

Friends From College Season 3 Release Date

In the second season, it’s been over an year since Ethan and Sam’s affair had been exposed to other friends. That included him and Lisa, not to forget the group is still fractured.

But things start to change with Max’s wedding coming up as they won’t be able to avoid each other longer.

Will they be able to move ahead or will they go back to their old pity lifestyle? We don’t know for sure.

That aside, Netflix is probably looking at Friends From College as a long term project with more season coming. So, the season 3 should definitely be on the cards. From a personal perspective, I found it hilarious and amusing at the same time. As once we age, we often find it difficult to connect with out old friends as lot of things change over time. Our appearance, our ethics, lifestyle and more. But the show was able to pull it off well.

Let’s hope that Netflix renews it for another season and we get to see more of them.

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