Fist of the Blue Sky Review

Fist of the Blue Sky Review

Comic Zenon has launched a website for a new adaptation of Fist of the Blue Sky (Souten no Ken). The manga, which is a prequel to Fist of the North Star, was previously adapted in 2006.

Comic Zenon also revealed that a new Fist of the Blue Sky manga is in the works, which will be written by Hiroyuki Yatsu and drawn by Hideki Tsuji. Original creator Buronson will supervise the project.

Writing duo Buronson and Nobuhiko Horie teamed up with artist Tetsuo Hara to launch Fist of the Blue Sky in 2001. The manga received 260 chapters before ending in 2010.

The story centers around Kasumi Kenshiro, a laid-back professor at a small college in Tokyo. It’s a way for him to escape from his past life as “The King of Death” and avoid practicing the Hokuto Shinken. However, the death of his lover and former brothers forces Kenshiro to return to Shanghai to seek vengeance.

More details about the Fist of the Blue Sky anime will be revealed at a later time.

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