Fan confesses his feelings after hearing about Naruto’s ending!

There is not a single day our inbox shows”read”. Everyday we get messages from hundreds of fans of how Naruto changed their lives. This is one of those messages which I’ll cherish for long. 

I don’t really know how responsive this page is, or who even runs it. But I just wanted to take a couple minutes of your time. Since Naruto will be ending soon I wanna say what this tv series has meant to me, and most importantly…what Naruto has meant to me.

I was about 8 or 9 when the series started, when I first say the show I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Time went by, (I moved around a lot as a kid)…but anyway when I found the anime on the internet I was ecstatic because I was left with a huge cliffhanger the last time I seen it.

As I got older and learned more and kept watching the series I came to realize that I was a lot like Naruto, not in the sense that I didn’t know my parents or didn’t have any siblings, I actually have 7 (half included) but in the sense that I still felt alone…I didn’t have any friends as a kid and always felt like I was hated by the people I grew up with, I was shut out of a lot of things, and most of the time I didn’t know why….of course that changed as I got older, I got friends real good people in my life who care about me and whom I feel the same way about, I would lay it all on the line for to make sure they were okay. To sum it up Naruto is so much more then a show to me, he is a sign of hope and belief that with hard work truly anything can be accomplished.

So Naruto has been so much more to me then an anime series I watch every time I get the chance, it’s a sense of seeing what I want to be as a human being, it’s waking up everyday and knowing that I don’t want things to fade away with what’s lost, it’s knowing that their are people out their who still suffer, it’s connecting everybody regard less of belief, it’s the guts to never give up when things are tough.

So again in the spirit of a childhood series ending, happy early birthday Naruto….and thank you for an awesome childhood/early adult life  (sorry if it’s too long I really did try to keep it short)

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