11 Netflix ELITE Quotes Absolutely Worth Sharing

ELITE Quotes

Elite is one of the most watched Spanish shows on Netflix. From Carla to Ander, everyone’s awesome in this show. What makes this series amazing is the complexity in the plot. It started off with something simple, yet gets complex as the show moves on.

The first season was good, the second season was epic and the third season was the cheery on the top. But what I loved the most in the series was the quotes. Every character had a bunch of amazing quotes which made them amazing.

Hence I decided to share some of the best quotes from Elite. Hope you guys like them.If you need more, do let me know about it.

Elite Carla Quotes

I’m quite lonely, and I think you’re too.

So, we can be lonely together.

This quote from Carla sums up her character. Despite being the marchioness, she dealt with shit constantly, losing herself in the process. This only goes on to prove one thing. No matter how big or beautiful you are things can always take a u-turn in life.

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