11 Kickass Netflix ELITE Quotes Absolutely Worth Sharing

Netflix recently released Elite. So, I decided to share some of the best quotes from the series, and also similar ones. Hope you guys like it. If you need more, do let me know about it.

ELITE Quotes Netflix

Through good times, bad times and the times we are fucked up.

Netflix elite quotes

Guzman: Why don’t you have a boyfriend?

Nadia: I have strict parents. Why don’t you have a girlfriend?

Guzman: You have strict parents.

Nadia: You’re wrong.

Guzman: I’m never wrong.

Nadia: You’re always wrong.

Guzman: I’m occasionally wrong. But my heart’s always in the right place.

Elite Marina Quotes

Netflix elite quotes

Guzman: Let me be the first to tell you, I’m bad news.

Nadia: You’re actually not the first to tell me that.

Nadia: *pointing to a high shelf* Can you reach that for me?

Guzman: Hah! So you do need me in your life after all!

Nadia: I could replace you with a step ladder.

Elite Carla Quotes

Elite carla quotes

Elite frases netflix

 elite frases netflix

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