Editor #UchihaGirl confesses about Naruto ending soon


Hello friends. Naruto will end soon so as an editor on this page and also as a long time fan of the anime let me confess a few words about it.

When I was little (around 9 years old, I don’t remember exactly) there was a channel on TV called Animax that showed old but gold anime such as Slayers,Inuyasha,Yu Yu Hakusho and so on. But no anime got my attention as much as Naruto did. At that time I didn’t even know what anime is. Basically Naruto was one of the anime that introduced me to this wonderful world. Naruto aired at 8:30 pm on Animax and me together with my two cousins always gathered in front of the TV so anxious to find out what happens next. I’ll never forget that wonderful times. Naruto got all three of us much closer than we were before.

Unfortunately, Animax stopped airing and I also stopped watching anime until I found out about Shippuden. It was so great! I could watch Naruto whenever I wanted. When I was up to date with Shippuden the waiting for that weekly episode was a pain so I started to watch anime again online this time.  Once again, Naruto got me back to the wonderful anime world.

Naruto means a lot to me because thanks to him me and my cousins bonded together,taught me friendship ,to follow my dreams and to never give up . He’s much more than an anime character thanks to his strength ,power and determination . Naruto “killed’ his enemies with kindness showing that love is the way.

To know Naruto ends soon makes me so sad because that will mark the end of a wonderful era. It might end but we’ll hold the memories close and remember the important lessons that we learned thanks to Naruto. Thank you,Kisimoto-sensei,for making such a wonderful story and also thank you,Studio Pierrot ,for making a once in a lifetime anime. Thank you for the laughs and for the intense feels. It was an incredible adventure and thank you for taking us with you. It’s hard when something great comes to an end but the legend of Naruto will certainly live on. #UchihaGirl

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