Does Yukihira Soma Join The Elite Ten?

Does Yukihira join the elite ten?

Yes, Yukihira Soma does join the Elite Ten.

Shokugeki no soma is an anime like none. From the character development to the OST’s everything has been spot on. The anime is more Food-gasm than Food Wars! The anime entertains you not just with the storytelling but also through it’s diverse characters. Each person has a highly unique personality, not to forget unique hairstyles. To top it all, is their cooking style, from Tapas of Spain to Onigiri of Japan, the anime is a pure classic.

After losing to Hayama Akira in the finals, he was depressed but did not give up on his dream of becoming the best. But things took a turn when Central came into play. An organisation formed by Nakiri’s father and the Elite ten members. They overthrew the director of Totsuki and went on to change the complete dynamics of the Totsuki.

Students no longer had the freedom to pursue their own cooking style, instead they were forced to follow Nakiri Azami’s style of true gourmet cooking. The only way to get out  of this was by winning Shokugeki’s, but that wasn’t all. Shokugeki’s getting rigged, the judges were sold and it was a complete mess.

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