Does Soma and Megumi get together?


Once they graduate Totsuki academy, they pair up. Soma ends up with Erina. If you want to read more about them, here’s a post I wrote.

Does Soma and Erina Get Together?

Does Tadokoro Megumi have feelings for Soma?

It certainly doesn’t look like it. As she left Totsuki to travel all over the world, to learn about new cuisines, dishes among other things. Also, they didn’t show Tadokoro having any regrets.

Hence, their relationship was most likely friendship if anything. Also, Nakiri and Tadokoro are pretty good friends, a rivalry between them seems weird. That’s probably the reason, the writers sent her abroad once everything was over.

Soma X Megumi

Personally, I love ship Soma X Erina, but considering the dynamics, Soma X Megumi wouldn’t have been that bad either. After all, they battled plenty of Shokugeki’s together. Not to forget, the historic battle with Shinomiya chef in the second season.

Do you think Soma and Megumi should get together? Let me know about it via your comments.



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