Does Sarada Know About Itachi? Also,Does Sarada Meet Itachi Uchiha?

Should Sarada Know About Itachi?

Everyone has questions and there is going to be a day when Sarada is going to ask about Itachi and the turbulent times of the past. Looking at things objectively, she deserves to know about Itachi. In fact, every shinobi in Konoha should know about the hero who gave his own life to protect his village. But what about Itachi’s wishes? What about the statement in which he asks the third Hokage to protect the honor of the Uchiha?

Lastly, how will the people of Konoha react? Every answer can be looked at from two angles, positive and negative. What if a cult erupts based on this idealogy without truly understanding Itachi’s philosophy and decides to wage a war on Konoha?

There are too many unanswered questions. But, one thing is for sure Sarada is surely going to ask Sasuke about Itachi oneday and he will need to come up with an answer. If he decides to answer, how much of the truth is he willing to giveaway without dishonoring the Uchiha?

Itachi was an exceptional Shinobi. His methods  contradicted his motives. The only thing which was acceptable was his beliefs.

But the cherry on the cake is the fact that Itachi was called a criminal. The only ones who know about Itachi are Kakashi, Sasuke, Naruto and the higher ups. To add to it, nobody knew about his good side, the ones who knew are long gone. So, there is no one to verify the information.

If Sasuke tells Sarada about Itachi and she ends up using it to motivate herself then it’s something worth doing. Else , the past should be left alone as there were countless shinobi who risked their lives during the war. Though, Itachi is an exception.


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