Does Sarada Know About Itachi? Also,Does Sarada Meet Itachi Uchiha?

At the start of Boruto: Next Generations, the whole fandom was skeptical. But with time, we’ve grown to love them as much as we loved Naruto. One of the most heated arguments on the internet is whether Sarada should know about Itachi? or Did Sasuke tell Sarada about Itachi? 

The amount of time Sasuke spent around Sarada has been limited, considering how busy he is with finding traces of the Otsutsuki clan. But a recent episode suggests otherwise or maybe it was just coincidence. In episode 35 of Boruto: Next Generations, Boruto went around asking his classmates what they wanted to become in the future. Some wanted to become strong, some like their parents. The one answer which grabbed everyone’s attention was from Sarada. As you already know, Sarada wanted to be a Hokage, but the way she said it makes us question whether Sarada knows about Itachi. Her answer went along the lines of-

Itachi quotes

I want to become a worthy shinobi who is acknowledged by everyone.


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