Does Nairobi Die In Money Heist?

Does Nairobi Die In Money Heist?

Yes Nairobi dies in Season 4 of Money Heist.

Is Nairobi dead in Money Heist?

Yes Nairobi dies in Season 4 of Money Heist. Which is sad.

Does Nairobi die in season 4?

Yes, Nairobi get shot by the personal commander of bank of Spain. But before that, she pulls the grenade thus protecting others in the process.

Nairobi’s Death Money Heist

Personally, Nairobi is one of the most badass characters in the entire series. She was always there for other no matter what. Even though she was going through her own shit. She kept it to herself. She hid all her pains.

And motivated everyone to work double as hard to achieve their dream. On top of it, she rewarded every single person who was involved in the heist. Thus changing their attitude towards the heist.

Nairobi is an indispensable part of Money Heist. She along with Tokyo made the show ten fold more exciting. With their punch lines every other episodes.

It’s sad that we won’t see more of her, unless she’s cast in a role similar to Berlin. But she took one for the team when it was needed the most. Despite her injuries, she battled the bald villain boldly and stood up for her values. She has my utmost respect.

But thanks to Nairobi, the professor got more intense. Decided to take drastic steps in order to ensure that get out of the loop successfully. If it wasn’t for her, the professor wouldn’t have made it personal. Till that point, the war was against the system. But Nairobi’s death changed the whole situation. The war was now more personal than ever.

And this is what I love about Money Heist. The intensity, drama clubbed with amazing dialogues. As a lifelong fan of Nairobi, we’ll all remember her for heroics to ensure the success of the war.


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