Why didn’t Joichiro Saiba graduate Totsuki?

The third season of the popular shounen manga Shokugeki no souma has finally come to an end. For better or worse, it took a turn with Saezomon appearing out of nowhere and changing the academy completely.

Among many unanswered questions, the following tops the list. Why didn’t Joichiro Saiba, the prodigy of the generation graduate? To find the answer we decided to travel back in time-

Joichiro Saiba was a culinary genius like no other. He was in fact the best chef at the time, the only reason why Gin was the first seat was because Joichiro often slacked off on his elite 10 paperwork duties.

Instead he was occupied with testing recipes and coming with up with new culinary wonders. He was literally unbeatable except for Gin who would beat him in friendly Shokugekis once in while.

As he went up and above, everyone started calling him things like “genius”, “born talent” and no one acknowledged all the hardwork and efforts he had put in order to become the best.

As time passed Joichiro kept on winning cooking competitions, even worldwide ones and he reached a point in his life where he couldn’t advance any further.



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