Deciding to be brave – Lazy Genius Naruto confessions” 

​So to explain what Naruto means to me you guys need to know a little bit about me. 

I have been through and suffered every type of abuse there is. 

I was all but abandoned by the people who should have been there for me and I spiraled into depression. 

I have been diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety as well. 

This is why I always try to post funny things on our page. You never know who is going through rough times so if I could just take their pain away and make them smile for 2 seconds then it would be worth it. 

I didn’t start watching anime till I was 21, I’m 24 now btw. 

And the only reason I even started watching was because I was depressed and had nothing better to do. I was also kinda tired of watching bubble guppies with my son so I figured if I have to watch an animated show I might as well enjoy it too. 

Seeing Naruto at the beginning was like having snippets of my childhood shown to me. I cried for the boy on the screen who been dealt a shit hand. I cried because I know how suffocating being lonely truly is. I know how badly words can hurt and they often times leave scars way larger than any stick or stone you could throw. 

I cried for him because I refused to cry for myself. 
But then I watched and cheered him on as he continued to get back up after being beat down and brush off people’s remarks. He continued to smile and enjoy the happy moments in his life. 
So I found myself drawing courage from him and his friends.  

I gradually came out of my depression and before i knew it I was thinking “what would Naruto/ Shikamaru/ Kakashi do in this situation?” And while that may sound stupid it really did help to get me out of my shell so to speak. 
Naruto helped me put my past into perspective and helped me realize that my past does not define me nor does it limit what I am capable of achieving in the future. 
I feel like a part of me is going to die when this show ends.

Logically I know I can always turn on the TV and see that beautiful smile anytime I want but i guess it’s the fact that this is ALL I will see of him. And it just feels so finite! 

(Unless they continue with a boruto anime)
I know in a few weeks I’ll find another anime and my pain will lessen but until then a heavy weight has settled on my chest.

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