Death Note live action movie is coming in 2017

Hollywood’s obsession with live action adaptations of popular manga will probably never end as another live action movie is coming up. After Tokyo Ghoul announced that they’ll be releasing a live action movie, Death note released the date.
Death Note, the 35 episode crime thriller is getting a live action movie, we all know that. The anime was a sensation among otakus. What’s interesting is the fact that, the movie was previously dropped by Warner Bros for anonymous reason and later on picked up by the internet giant Netflix. The movie will be directed by Wingard and produced by Roy Lee! Unlike other anime adaptations, what’s interesting here is the fact that the Movie will be a direct adaptation of the manga with zero rip-offs.

Not many adaptations have clicked and let’s hope that this isn’t a jerky one like AOT. What do you guys think? Do let us know about it via the comments section 🙂08e8ae529ae42b823404f857ef58abec

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