Dealing With Depression and Loneliness For Otakus

I just watched a video on loneliness on Kurtzsesagt. It was on Loneliness. One of the thing, the narrator describes was how dangerous loneliness. I have been through lot of crap myself in my teens and I have lot of people asking me about how to deal with it. So, here are some things I can tell from my personal experience.

  • Good friendships take years to form. So, don’t worry if you can’t connect with people. Everyone is different and things will take time.
  • Going out more often and initializing the conversation will help you improve your people skills. While it might not improve your emptiness, it’ll certainly help you socialize more which is a good thing.
  • For those of you, who have negative people( people in your friend circle), cut your ties. Remember we all deserve respect provided we show it to others. So, if the other person is not respecting your tastes, boundaries or makes fun of you, then screw them. Find new friends or stay alone like a Lion.
  • For those of you getting bullied, for once stand up to them and give it to your all. If they’re way too strong, then try to befriend them. Another idea is to befriend an even stronger guy who can help you in some way.

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