Dagashi Kashi Season 2

Shogakukan’s Weekly Shonen Sunday has announced that the Dagashi Kashi anime will get a second season! The surprise reveal was teased last week when Shogakukan said they had an “important announcement” for the series.

Shogakukan also confirmed that a new staff will be producing the second season, but Ayana Taketatsu will reprise her role as Hotaru:

  • Director: Satoshi Kuwabara (Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions director) replaces Shigehito Takayanagi.
  • Script Composition: Mayumi Morita (Young Black Jack screenplay) replaces Takayanagi and Yasuko Kamo.
  • Character Design: Nana Miura (Young Black Jack character design) replaces Kanetoshi Kamimoto.
  • Animation Studio: Tezuka Productions replaces feel.

Dagashi Kashi was good but like.. The biggest problem with the series is that it runs its only gag and premise into the ground.

Dagashi Kashi candy trivia, ecchi, slice-of-life series follows the life of Kokonotsu and his pursuit of becoming a manga artist. However, he is a terrible artist and only knows about snacks. Kokonotsu never thought about running his father’s shop until the eccentric Hotaru showed up. Hotaru is the heiress to a snack conglomerate and she believes Kokonotsu possesses incredible talent.

Kotoyama’s manga began serialization in June 2014 and feel produced a 12-episode adaptation during the Winter 2016 season.

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