OMG: Dad names his child Naruto!

Naruto Scott Murphy was born to Devon Scott Murphy and Deedra Lee Newsome earlier this month in Florida. Devon told io9 that when he first heard about Naruto, he felt its a terrible idea as he felt his child will be teased all his life. He even told that no other names were considered and hence named him Naruto. Isn’t it awesome, I always dream of keeping my kids name after Itachi, lelouch and Naruto and today someone has done it!

As of now Naruto Scott Murphy doesn’t have any siblings. One more thing to note here is the fact that he might be the first kid in the United States to be named after Naruto. Awesome isn’t it? Anyways, if you want to contact them, you can do that via their fan page!

dad names child after naruto

Will you name your child after a Naruto character? If yes, who will it be? Do let us know about it via the comments section. Also do not forget to share this post with your friends and let them know about the baby.



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