9 Cute Romance Manga Absolutely Worth Your Time

9 Completed Cute Romance Manga Absolutely Worth Your Time

A common complaint levied towards the romance genre is the density of the main characters. Often times, a character’s obliviousness to other people’s emotions can lead to unnecessary melodrama and can kill a story’s momentum.

Do you think Raku gets the message?

But not these series! These manga feature characters that aren’t emotional blackholes or gluttons for misunderstandings. In fact, you best avoid these if you are allergic to sanity and understanding one’s own emotions.


1. Tsuredure Children

Mangaka: Toshiya Wakabayashi

Status: Ongoing (190 chapters)

Genre: Comedy / Romance / Slice of Life

Quick Pitch: Tsuredure Children is an anthology depicting the various forms of young love between various couples. From being unable to confess their feeling to awkward dates, young love can be extremely cute!


2. Senryuu Shoujo

Mangaka: Masakuni Igarashi

Status: Ongoing (24 chapters)

Genre: Comedy / Romance / Slice of Life

Quick Pitch: Yukishiro Nanako has a peculiar trait – instead of speaking, she communicates through senryu poems. This strange habit leads to a budding bond with ex-delinquent Busujima Eiji, and the couple always has fun at their school’s Literature Club.


3. Fujiyama-san wa Shishunki

Mangaka: Makoto Ojiro

Status: Finished (67 chapters)

Genre: Comedy / Romance / Slice of Life

Quick Pitch: Makio Fujiyama is the ace of the school’s volleyball team thanks to her height. Yuuichi Kanba is a short boy whose known Fujiyama since preschool. One day, he peeks into the girl’s locker room and witnesses Fujiyama changing, which awakens strong feelings within him. After mustering up the courage, Kanba asks Fujiyama out, which begins their secretive relationship.


4. Horimiya

Mangaka: HERO (Writer) / Daisuke Hagiwara (Artist)

Chapters: Ongoing (86 chapters)

Genre: Comedy / Romance

Quick Pitch: Kyoko Hori is a sunny and popular high school girl, which contrasts with her gloomy classmate Izumi Miyamura. However, they two have different personas outside of class: Kyoko loves dressing down and taking care of her household while Izumi is covered in piercings and has a tattoo. They promise to keep each other’s true personalities a secret, which leads to a close bond between them.


5. Bonnouji

Mangaka: Aki Eda

Status: Finished (36)

Genre: Comedy / Romance / Slice of Life

Quick Pitch: Ozawa has just broken up with her boyfriend of five years and is rebuilding her life. One day, she meets Oyamada, who is a loner that lives a couple floors below her. Oyamada’s room is filled with random items his brother sends, which sparks an interest in Ozawa. Eventually, their friendship slowly grows into something more serious.


6. The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior (Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou)

Mangaka: Ruri Miyahara

Status: Finished (90 chapters)

Genre: Comedy / Romance / Slice of Life

Quick Pitch: High school freshman Kazunari begins living in a boarding home due to his parents’ job transfer. He is excited to be living at Kawai Complex because his crush lives there, but he is also surrounded by eccentrics.


7. Ojojojo

Mangaka: Shinja Cool-kyou

Status: Finished (64 chapters)

Genre: Comedy / Romance / Slice of Life

Quick pitch: Haru Jigokumeguri is the heiress of a powerful conglomerate, but her arrogant and aloof nature makes it hard for her to find friends. After transferring to yet another new school, she meets Tsurezure Kawayanagi. He is the class weirdo due to his old fashion sense and quiet demeanor, which leads to a socially awkward friendship with Haru.


8. Wotakoi: Love is Hard For an Otaku (Otaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii)

Mangaka: Fujita

Chapters: Ongoing (25 chapters)

Genre: Comedy / Romance

Quick Pitch: Narumi Momose is a hardcore fujoshi and Hirotaka Nifuji is a gamer. The pair hasn’t seen each other since middle school, but are shocked to learn that they are co-workers at the same company. A night of drinking leads to a revelation of their hobbies, and they decide to start dating. However, their tendencies lead to very awkward moments with their fellow otaku co-workers.


9. Blue Spring Ride (Ao Haru Ride)

Mangaka: Io Sakisaka

Status: Finished (53 chapters)

Genre: Comedy / Drama / Romance / Slice of Life

Quick Pitch: Futaba used to attract a lot of attention from boys in middle school, but became ostracized by the girls. Now in high school, she is determined to avoid all unwanted attention from in an attempt to fit in with her girlfriends. Her plan becomes complicated when she is reunited with Kou, a boy who she fell deeply in love with in middle school but couldn’t admit her feelings for due to a misunderstanding.

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