Crash Landing On You Review

Crash Landing On You Review

I finished Crash Landing on You last year and still can’t get over it. The drama has everything. But the best part about the drama is everything seemed to gel really well. The lead, supporting cast, background score and most importantly the story. Even though complex, they managed to pull of a believable portrayal of North Korea. Which makes it really exciting.

Why you should watch crash landing on you?

  • Crash Landing on You has the best soundtrack, on par with the likes of Descendants of the sun. I would even go as far as saying, it’s better than DOTS.
  • Great story. Even though it seems unrealistic, but the crew managed to weave the story into something beautiful and meaningful.
  • The supporting cast was just dope. They brought in the much needed humour element to the drama.
  • Once you finish it, you can’t stop thinking about the drama for a while. The combination of Hyun-bin & Son Ye-jin, coupled with great soundtrack will leave you mesmerised for months together.
  • Last but not the least, the story is a bit different from what you ever seen. It sits at the intersection of North Korea and South, same yet different. If anything, you should at least watch it for the virtual culture trip. Though the portrayal is far from perfect.

Is crash landing on you realistic?

Yes, crash landing on you ( CLOY) is realistic. It is a beautifully woven story, but the chances of things happening in a similar fashion are close to nil. In the story, they go and come back from North Korea multiple times. This is a challenge in itself.


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