Crash Landing On You Quotes

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Crash Landing on You Seri Quotes

I wonder which one is love. Hoping that you’re worrying about me like I am for you and wishing that you’re pining for me like I do for you.Is this love? Or on the other hand, is it wishing that you won’t be worried about me, that you’ll forget about me and all the moments we’ve shared? Is that love?

If it’s neither, is it love that I’m willing to go through everything from the very beginning just so I can meet you once again?

Your looks are totally my type.If our countries reunite.Let’s meet on a different occasion.

crash landing on you quotes

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Pyo Chi Su Quotes

But as you are leaving soon. Please do me this favour.Take care.Don’t get hurt.Live a good life. Don’t forget us.

–  Pyo Chi Su quotes

crash landing on you quotes

Ri Jeong Hyeok Quotes

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