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Trevor: Must you always attack me with your words?

Alucard: You want me to use rocks?

Trevor Belmont Castlevania Quotes

*Trevor, Sypha and Alucard are visiting the message upon the invitation of Simon and Richter.*

Trevor: Well, it’s certainly grander than I imagined. Fancy for a lunatic asylum.

Sypha: Might I remind you that two of those lunatics are your descendants?

Trevor: I know what I said.

Alucard: If you two are done, shall we enter? And see if your descendants are waiting for us?

Trevor: Of course, you first vampire Jesus.

*Alucard prepares a response, but Sypha’s glare silences him. Sypha does, however, whack Trevor upside the head for being an idiot. They enter the Mansion. Inside, they see Simon and Richter waiting for them*

Simon: Ancestors! Welcome!

Richter: Indeed, welcome to the madhouse.

Sypha: wait, ancestors? Plural?

Simon, taken aback: Well… yes. *he points at Sypha and Trevor* You two are mine and Richter’s ancestors.

Sypha: E-excuse me? T-Tre-trevor a-and me?!

*Trevor bursts out laughing*

Trevor: Hahaha! Good one descendant! Real good one! You really had me going there and you aren’t joking are you?

Alucard Castlevania Quotes

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