8 BTS Songs With Deep Meaning For Your Broken Self

BTS Songs With Deep Meaning

BTS songs are deep. They really strike deep. Some of their songs helped me transition through tough phases. So, I decided to write about some BTS songs with deep meaning. I hope you find peace here.

#1 Agust D: The Last

bts agust d wallpaper

On the other side of the famous idol rapper
Stands my weak self, it’s a bit dangerous
Depression, OCD
They keep coming back again from time to time
Hell no perhaps that might be my true self
Damn huh feeling estranged in reality
The conflict with ideal, my head hurts
Around the age of 18, I developed social anxiety
Right, that was when my mind was gradually polluted

[Verse 2]
At times I’m scared of myself too
Thanks to the depression that takes over me
And all my self hatred
Comparing my dead passion with others
It’s now a part of my daily life

[Verse 3]
On the first visit to psychiatric ward
My parents came up with me
We listened to the consultation together
My parents said they don’t truly understand me
I don’t understand myself well either
Then who would understand?
Friends? Or you? Nobody knows me well

[Hook 1]
Habitual saying uh
I don’t give a shit I don’t give a fuck
All those words uh
Those words are said to hide my weak self
Those days I wish I could erase
Right, that performance day
Which I don’t remember very well
The day I confronted myself
When I hid inside the bathroom
Because I was scared of people

[Verse 4]
That time I, that time I
I thought success would make everything fine
But you see, but you see
As time goes by, I feel like I’m turning into a monste

The time I want to erase, that’s right, the memories I want to erase of that day I had at the concert.

On the other side of the famous idol rapper stands my weak self, it’s a bit depression, ocd, they keep coming back again from time to time.

In this song, Suga addresses depression and self hate in the most honest manner as possible. He talks about things without sugar coating it. This is probably the most honest depiction of depression in any song ever.

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