7 BTS Songs About Depression and Mental Health Issues!

#5 Go Go

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Worked hard to get my pay
Gonna spend it all on my stomach
Pinching pennies to spend it all on wasting it
Leave me be, even if I overspend
Even if I break apart my savings tomorrow
Like a crazy guy

We live in one of the best times. Need a cab, there’s uber! Need food, you can always order online, need someone to groom your dog, there you go. The whole world is at your fingertips, all you need is a smartphone and cash. The song talks about our obsession with consumerism and how we are looking for gratification through these. Seeking gratification is good, but doing it by buying things we don’t need, going to places we don’t care and being with people we don’t love is something that needs to be avoided. The message is similar to Fight Club’s motto.

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