7 BTS Songs About Depression and Mental Health Issues!


#4 Spine Breaker

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With shoes worth a couple hundred, padded jacket worth a couple thousand
With a watch worth a couple hundred you feel good about yourself
Education goes over the hill and student identity goes over the hill too
The class system of the 21st century is divided into two
Those who have and those who haven’t
Those who wear the shoes and those who don’t
Those who have the clothes and those who don’t
And those who try hard to get those things
What’s going on? Are you falling behind on the trend?
You whined and complained to get it, did I strike a nerve?
In your padded jacket, your greed fills it up
Even after seeing your parents’ curved spines, you’re so coldhearted
You complain that all your friends have it and that they should buy it for you
(Ayo baby) stop being so immature
You won’t freeze just because you don’t have that jacket
Fill your head with good sense before it’s too late

The title itself is enough to understand the song. In this world there are two types of people. The ones who have, the ones don’t. Social standards in schools and universities are pretty high these days. You are expected to be on top of your game, wear the best clothes, look like a prince, or queen if you’re a women and lot more. The burden is not just on the students, it’s on the parents as well. Parents who manage just enough to send their kids to school particularly have a tough time when their kids demand everything from them. They want new clothes time to time, they want to throw a bash even if they can’t afford it, they want a car beyond their status and lot more. The song is aimed at young audiences who demand a lot from parents even though they can’t afford it. Hats off to BTS for such a beautiful message. After all, we all need a bit of hope in this superficial world. This is one of the best bts songs about society.

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