7 BTS Songs About Depression and Mental Health Issues!

BTS has a reputation for standing up against social issues and speaking for today’s youth. In AGUST D, we see BTS addressing depression openly, it is one of those things which made me an army. During my teenage years, I faced lot of hardships. Depression, loneliness, hate and any other syndrome you can name. I hated the world around me. I hated every single person. I hated how things in this world worked. I hated the demons inside me.

I would rip past my demons from time to time, but things come back to haunt me no matter what! But one song really changed me as a person. In AUGST D,  Suga addresses mental illness openly. He accepts depression like it’s second nature. For me it was the biggest takeaway as I learnt that accepting things makes things much simpler. One of the lines that struck me really hard was-

On the other side of the famous idol rapper stands my weak self, it’s a bit dangerous/depression, ocd, they keep coming back again from time to time

BTS songs about depression and mental health changed me as a person completely. It made me who I am today. It helped me transition from a horrible life to a acceptance based life. So, I would like to share some of the best BTS songs about depression and BTS songs about social issues. They helped me, I hope they can help you as well-

#1 Agust D: The Last

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The time I want to erase, that’s right, the memories I want to erase of that day I had at the concert.

On the other side of the famous idol rapper stands my weak self, it’s a bit depression, ocd, they keep coming back again from time to time.

In this song, Suga addresses depression and self hate in the most honest manner as possible. He talks about things without sugar coating it. This is probably the most honest depiction of depression in any song ever.

#2 No More Dream

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Hey, what’s your dream?
Hey, what’s your dream?
Hey, what’s your dream?
Hey, is that your dream?

It’s a lie you’re such a liar
See me, see me ya, you’re hypocrite
Why are you telling me to go another way? Do well yourself!
Don’t push others!
What’s you dream? What’s your dream?

This song is for all those people with little or no ambition. In this song, they ask you to follow your dreams, pursue it like there’s no tomorrow. The reason being, you’ll lose yourself even before you know it. The song is a symbol for most Asian kids, as they are forced to do things which they don’t like, meet social expectations and carry the burden of their parents. So, if you are looking for some serious inspiration to follow your dreams, then this song is something you should listen to.


#3 N.O.

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Dream is gone, no time to breathe
School, house and PC room is all we have
We live the same life
And have to become number one
For us it’s like a double spy between dream and reality.

The song talks about students being overwhelmed by the expectations placed on them by elders, and the effect it has on their mental wellbeing.

In this song, BTS talks about the enormous amount of pressure elders put on students and how it affects their mental well being. As kids, Asian kids are forced to study a lot and get into a good school, so that they can get a high paying 9 to 5 job and show it off to others. Students are also forced to compete with one another on a regular basis and get beaten or thrashed if they fail to achieve their goals. Lastly, by the time they’re in highschool, most kids get sent into cram schools where there is enormous amount of pressure on the kids. The pressure is so huge that, South Korea has the highest suicide rate in the whole world, all thanks to this one reason. This is one of the best bts song about social issues.

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