7 Motivational BTS Quotes From Songs To Kickstart Your Day!

We all need some inspiration every now and then. Often we find ourselves in a fix with no motivation whatsoever. To fix this issue, I often took the help of quotes from my favorite dramas and idols. It helped me see the big picture. It helped me realize there’s more to life than the tiny issues I face everyday. It gives me hope to look forward in life. So, here are some deep bts quotes to inspire you when you are down.

#1 BTS Quotes From Songs

No matter how much I wonder, I want to believe in my path” -Lost

#2  BTS Quotes Lyrics

Even when I fall and hurt myself, I keep running towards my dream” -Young Forever

#3 BTS Inspirational Lyrics

“I’d rather die than to live without passion.” -Jungkook

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