Boruto’s Dojutsu: The Jougan and it’s Incredible Powers!

The abilities of Jougan

The Jougan is incredibly powerful. From what we have seen, the Jougan is capable of the following-

  • It can sense evil chakra. It was confirmed during the Nue arc of the series.
  • The Jougan can see the key points which connect chakra, kinda like an improvised Byakyugan.
  • Lastly, the strongest of the lot “Space Time Ninjutsu”. It can see invisible barriers that connect two dimensions.

What to expect in the future?

The fact that they showed Toneri in the episode probably means that he surely is cooking something, maybe another Madara style Genjutsu or maybe he’s just taking orders from someone much more powerful than him. Since Boruto is seen fighting Kawaki instead of Naruto or Sasuke at the start of the series it probably means Naruto is dead in Boruto. But that isn’t the cherry on the cake, the true cherry is seeing how other characters in Boruto evolve over time. Time and again the show has been indicating that Naruto’s time to shine is over and the new one is centered on Boruto. Let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint.



It’s probably Enhanced byakugan  because six paths said naruto is a reincarnation of his son, Asura and Hinata is a hyuga, which is a descendent of the otsusuki clan. They’re both from the same bloodline, so is hashirama hence they dont have the bloodline limit for tenseigan, but it could be 9 tails chakra and senin chakra enhancing a byakugan, 9 tail enhancement could be why he’s seeing dark chakra.


This is the most plausible. My money is on Byakugan’s evolution melded with either

A) Hashirama’s cells from Naruto, or B) Senju genetics. But the second one might be a bit skewed, was it that the Senju and Uzumaki clan were related, or just allies? I forget. Regardless, it’s probably a new doujutsu.


First of all the episode was awesome and people are wondering about Borutos “Tenseigan” and how it could be since he needs otsutsuki chakra!

This is where my actual theory begins, in the sixth episode where Boruto sees Denki walking all by himself on the streets, he notices a purple serpent biting him. That’s when his dojutsu activates! If you closely looked at it, that snake resembles the same snakes that appear when Mitsuki activates his sage mode! Seriously, like the resemblance is uncanny!

To add to that,Mitsuki looks exactly like Toneri, again another uncanny resemblance! As you know, Mitsuki was another Orochimaru experiment at creating a perfect shinobi. My guess is that Orochimaru took cells from Toneri and developed Mitsuki out of him, giving Mitsuki Otsutsuki chakra! The cherry in the  cake is their resemblance in sage mode.

How did Boruto activate his Dojutsu?

This is probably the most interesting of all questions. Boruto activated his Dojutsu when Mitsuki bit him, just like how Orochimaru bit Sasuke. Again, there’s no proof for this, he might’ve done this without Boruto’s notice. When Mitsuki bit him, he gave Boruto the Otsutsuki Chakra, the same way Orochimaru applied the curse mark to Sasuke. Also, it’s been stated that Orochimaru let Mitsuki escape but it’s been revealed that he actually led Mitsuki towards Boruto.

The Tattoos On Boruto’s Hand. What do they represent?

The theory can further be expanded that Boruto’s future tattoos are a result of Mitsuki’s cursemark. Another theory for Boruto’s Tattoos is the while talking to Momoshiki he doesn’t give Boruto his dojutsu noticing his eyes, instead he gives him immense amounts of chakra and that made all the difference. The tattoos also resemble Tsunade’s seals, hence that can be another answer.

My final conclusion is that Boruto doesn’t acquire the full tensigan because he actually unlocked a partial tensigen/



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