Boruto’s Dojutsu: The Jougan and it’s Incredible Powers!

Boruto’s Dojutsu

It’s been around six months since Boruto came out and the heat is already showing up, thanks to the growing number of twists the show is bringing. In the past there were rumors on Naruto and Sasuke dieing in Boruto.

But that’s not all, things are taking a new turn with the protagonist of the Boruto movie Toneri coming back.

Boruto’s dojutsu Jougan was revealed in episode 15. Along with it came a brief hint of what Jougan is capable of. Before we get into what Jougan’s abilities are, let’s go back in time and explore Gozu Tennou.

According to Sasuke, the infamous head of the root division of ANBU, Danzo Shimura was very close to obtaining this power. The Gozu Tennou is a technique developed by former Root member Tanuki Shigaraki.

Once the mark is placed on someone, the person will enter a contract with Nue. The curse mark acts as a portal for the absorbed chakra to be transfered into the Nue as well the gate to another dimension.

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