Boruto vs Kawaki: Who are the new foes?

#3 Another internal battle is coming up.

All the wars until now, were a result of the internal conflicts that the shinobi world couldn’t solve. More of these battles are going to arise, as a peace treaty is just a false illusion. Even though there have been countless treaties, we see the United States trying to invade every other country. So does, peace treaties make sense? Nope! As we saw in the latest episode, there were still people who loved the bloody mist village the way it was, even though sick, they just can’t let go of their former self. Hence, there are going to be more battles among the villages.

#4 Everything is being Simulated!

When you play video games, what you basically do is control the characters from your world. What if it gets real? What if the whole of the shinobi world was a simulated from beings outside the galaxy to achieve their goal which have no clue about? What if everything that happened until now happened for a reason. It gets more weird, the more you think about it. But there aren’t any facts that support this theory unlike the others.

#5 Jougan is the key secret key to their lock!

jougan abilities

We’ve often seen this in another anime, a person being the key to a lock which holds inside another world. What if Boruto’s Jougan is a part of such a plan?  Is it why Toneri said, “it isn’t time for Jougan”. That’s a possible answer considering how much importance is given to the Jougan in Boruto.


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