Boruto vs Kawaki: Who are the new foes?

In the previous post we explored Boruto’s dojutsu the Jougan and it’s abilities. If you haven’t heard about the Jougan I highly recommend going through what the Jougan is. For starters, it’s an incredibly powerful Dojutsu possesed by the infamous Otsutsuki clan of which Kaguya was a part of.

If you’ve started the Boruto series, then you know that the anime begins with a foreboding introduction. Boruto, who looks much older now is seen fighting with a boy named Kawaki with the village behind him in ruins. Kawaki is totally determined to destroy Konoha and drops a bomb. The start is similar to Naruo when it first debuted featuring the rampage of nine tails on Konoha. Is Boruto vs Kawaki the only battle or is there more?

Furthermore Kawaki gets back at Boruto by saying

boruto vs kawaki

I’ll send you where I sent the Seventh Hokage” 

The Jougan can surely make Boruto incredibly powerful. he might even surpass both Sasuke and Naruto in terms of power. But that’s not the only question here, how was someone like Naruto, so powerful taken down easily? There isn’t a concrete answer for this but let’s theorize for a second.

Disclaimer- the following is a work of pure fiction by the author. All of it is based on his imagination and views alone. 

#1 There are more Otsutsuki clan members.

boruto vs kawaki

One of the things that intrigued me while watching Naruto was when Kaguya arrived on the planet with two other clan members. But the other members didn’t stay back with her, instead left her immediately. There is a chance that there are many more Otsutsuki clan members either in outer space or in another dimension. What makes me more confident about this theory is the fact that Momoshiki and Kinshiki were from Otsutsuki clan in Boruto. Maybe they’re trying to conquer the whole universe by capturing different dimensions and all this was a part of their ultimate framework. We don’t for sure, but let’s hope not!

#2 There are more dimensions than we can imagine.

When Sasuke and Naruto fought Kaguya, she was able to effortlessly switch across various dimensions which we didn’t even know existed. We also saw a new dimension in the Nue arc. So there is a possibility that there are thousands or maybe lakhs of dimensions. What do they expect to do? In physics, spacetime is any mathematical model that combines space and time into a single interwoven continuum. By combing space and time into a single manifold, the head of the organization is probably trying to create Minkowski space. A single dimension for everything?

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