Boruto Anime vs Movie Differences

If you have been following Boruto, then you must have noticed that the Chunin exams are different. It is something that doesn’t happen often, but it did. In the movie Boruto used a bunch of shadow clones to beat up Shikadai and then gets disqualified as he used a scientific ninja tool which lets you harvest Chakra. It can’t be more fucked up than that, can it? Let’s go over the changes up until now-

Boruto makes a mini Rasengan

Borutos tiny Rasengan…

Differences between the matchups

  • Boruto vs Shikadai – Remained the same.

  • Sarada vs Mitsuki – This fight changed to Sarada vs Araya from Hidden Sand

  • Shinki vs Araya – This changed to Shinki vs Mitsuki

The most interesting of these will be the fight between Mitsuki and Shinki from the Hidden Sand. The former is argueably the strongest character among the new generation considering the fact that he can use Sage mode, a way of harvesting chakra which only very few could achieve.

To add to that, he’s got Orochimaru’s snakes and the tag team of Lightning and Wind Style, making him the deadliest of the new generation. Shinki on the other hand was trained by Gaara himself, has similar attacking and defending abilities. We haven’t seen much of Shinki as of now, but let’s hope he gives Mitsuki one hell of a fight.

Other major differences

  • Shinki from the Hidden Sand didn’t have his skeleton puppet in the anime/ maybe he’s hiding behind his puppet just like Konkuro.

  • Boruto had used Raiton from his Kote in movie, while he did the opposite in the anime i.e by himself.


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