Are Boruto and Kawaki brothers?

Yes, you heard it right, Kawaki has been adopted by Naruto, hence the conclusion that Kawaki and Boruto are brothers. This might make things interesting considering the fact that in a few years from now Kawaki would end up as a villain.

Kawaki vs Naruto?

If Kawaki is going to attack Konoha, how did Kawaki defeat Naruto?

That’s something we need to look into. At the start of the series, Boruto is seen fighting Naruto in a death battle. The start has drawn comparisons to how Naruto started, showcasing the nine tails incident and then revolving the plot around it right from the beginning till the end.

Naruto vs Kawaki: How did Kawaki defeat Naruto?

Even though the plot is getting interesting, there is still some disarray in the naruto verse considering how so many of their favorite characters are being toyed with, right from Sasuke to Naruto.

From a fan’s perspective it is something even I can’t digest but let’s not be pessimistic and instead give Boruto a chance to grow.

What do you guys think of Naruto adopting Kawaki, do let me know about it via the comments section. This is something everyone would like to know more.

Is Kashin Koji Jiraiya?

No, Kashin Koji is a clone of Jiraiya created by Amado. Which is what makes makes him badass. With that being said, let’s hope we get to see more of Boruto and Kawaki in the upcoming episodes. As I’m tired of repeatedly watching the fillers.


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