Are Boruto and Kawaki brothers?

Are Boruto and Kawaki Brothers?

Despite the anime being stuck with fillers, Boruto Next Generations has an interesting plot. The arrival of the Otsutsuki clan, Mitsuki leaving the village is stirring up the buzz.

But the question doing the rounds currently is whether boruto and kawaki are brothers. The question has taken the animeverse by storm.

If you’ve started the Boruto series, then you know that the anime begins with a foreboding introduction. Boruto, who looks much older now is seen fighting with a boy named Kawaki with the village behind him in ruins.

Kawaki is totally determined to destroy Konoha and drops a bomb. The start is similar to Naruo when it first debuted featuring the rampage of nine tails on Konoha. Is Boruto vs Kawaki the only battle or is there more?

Are Boruto and Kawaki Brothers?

boruto vs kawaki

If the rumor is indeed true, then it should explain the how Kawaki defeated Naruto in the series. In the end of Boruto chapter number 26, it was made clear that Naruto’s family is probably the only one who can look after Kawaki. Technically speaking Boruto and Kawaki are brothers.

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