Boku Hero No Academia Season 3 Release Date, What To Expect And More!

Boku hero no academia is getting a season 3.

The second season of Boku Hero no academia was well recieved by fans all over with the world. It took a different turn with the introduction of stain, who changed the landscape of the whole series with his own philosophy to an extent that even Midoriya at one point admitted that even his ideals were deep. Another aspect which the second season showcased was the development of the supporting characters Todoroki and Bakugo. The dark past of Todoroki was both explored and healed, and Bakugo was shown in new light.  The only let down was from  Lida, who was nothing more than a bait for the stain arc.

The second season also bought in some new faces, with the likes of Gran torino and endeavour. The final episode of season 2 left a cliff hanger, with the league of villains acquiring more members. With All might getting weaker, and Midoriya showing no significant progress, the ball is certainly in the court of league of villains. It all comes down to how they play the game.

What to expect in Boku hero no academia season 3?

In season 3 of Boku hero no academia, there’s lot to expect, but the most promising battle will be between shigaraki tomura and Midoriya. In the season1 Also, we might finally see the end of All might due to his decreasing powers.

We can expect Todoroki to finally be able to master his other side and being able to create a fusion of ice and fire, which probably will be steam. The introduction of two new villains will further heat the plot up.

As of the romance between Uraraka and Midoriya, there isn’t much we can look up to considering there are still in school.

Boku hero no academia release date?

As of now, a date hasn’t been given out by the company. The only thing that was made public was the advert of the season 3 in the final episode boku hero no academia. Since the first two seasons came out in spring with 25 episodes, we can expect the same of the third season. After all, Midoriya is going to fight Shigaraki Tomura. Most probably, the show is going to air again the coming spring in 2018, with a set of 25 episodes.

For those of you who are not familiar with Boku hero no academia, is a manga by Kohei Hrokoshi which was later on adapted into an anime by Bone studios into an anime in 2016. The series quickly gained fandom for it’s killer plot and the anime is about a quirkless boy in the world of super heroes, who one day receives his quirk from his childhood hero all might. from then on, everything changes for Midoriya.

If you are still unsure about giving the show a try, then I highly request you to watch the trailer.


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