Black Mirror Bandersnatch Quotes

There’s a cosmic flowchart that dictates where you can and where you cannot go.

black mirror bandersnatch quotes

We exist within multiple parallel realities at once.

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Who’s doing this to me? I know there’s someone who’s controlling me.

black mirror bandersnatch quotes


  • Who is doing this to me? I know there’s someone there.
  • I’m being controlled by someone from the future.

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On a personal note, I want to thank Netflix for releasing something so good. The amount of effort that went into making this show and the writers, kudos to every single one of them.

You guys did an amazing job. I hope to see more such films in the future with different styles.  One of my favorite scenes was when Stefan gets a message from Netflix in the future. That was a total killer. I was amazed by everything you guys did. I hope to see more of this in the future.

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