Best Underrated Manga to Read

Best Underrated Manga to Read

Every now and then, we will stumble upon a manga that has a promising concept, a solid storyline, and an unprecedented character development. However, not all of them will be successful.

We have nothing against the popularity of the mainstream manga, but we believe that the stories on this list deserve the attention of the public. Some of them feature realistic portrayal and the mangaka perfectly captures the emotion of the character.

We understand that we all have our personal favorites but adding all undiscovered manga titles will take ages. If you think we skip your favorites, do not forget to leave them in the comment section below.

1. Kiba no Tabishounin: The Arms Peddler

Some otaku will probably describe this manga series as different ideas combined to create an amazing storyline. It has some elements of Berserk with a touch of Claymore.

The world-building of this manga is grand. It is set in a world that becomes desolated and where the bandits roam freely on the land. A young boy named Souna Yuuki will be rescued by Garami.

In exchange for saving his life, Souna will become the servant of Garami. Even with the presence of similarity, it still managed to separate itself from the rest of the manga. Artwork may be a bit abstract but it is still perfectly done.

2. Shamo

At 16 years old, our “protagonist” Ryo Narushima has no problem in getting a straight A in his academic subjects. Joining the elite society seems to be right in the grasp of his hand. Unfortunately, Ryo brutally murdered his mother, which changes his life.

The series bravely tackles the pressure felt by the kids when their parents are pushing them too hard. It boldly criticizes the parents who become too controlling. The manga version contains heavy elements of violence. It may not be that popular; however, the excellent plotline of the story has led to a film adaptation.

3. Gunka No Baltzar

This manga series first showed on my recommended list. It has a few readers at that time but the feedbacks of the readers will definitely capture your interest. The story is set during the 19th century in a land torn by wars. Before reading Gunka no Baltzar, I had no interest whatsoever in historical fiction and military.

However, this manga series changed my opinion about stories under the same genre. First thing I noticed about it is the amazing art.

The massive amount of details makes the art cool while still looking professionally done. The background and architectural design of the structure are gorgeous. Writing technique of the mangaka is a breath of fresh air. Unlike other mainstream manga that becomes too boring once the bad guy has been defeated, this story has an interesting approach.

4. 7 Seeds

7 Seeds is probably one of the very firsts manga that gave me a mix of emotions. The story of the series is deeply engrossing. Even those who prefer to read seinen will be impressed with its storyline. I am actually surprised that it failed to make the popular list of the manga reading platforms.

Art and illustration are sparkling and alive. Compared to other mangas that have a specific lead, this one for me contains no lead. The story progressed to different arcs that highlight the importance of every character. Each of them has an expertise on a particular field. Men and women ages 17 years old and above will find the story interesting.

5. Samurai Deeper Kyo

There are people who will argue about this entry but I personally think that it deserves to be on this list. The story was set four years after the infamous Sekigahara battle. It narrates the story of Kyo, a legendary swordsman who killed hundreds of men during the war.

The story of this manga is brilliant. Compared to other samurai-themed series such as Bleach and Samurai X, this is definitely a standout. The unpredictable outcome of the story makes it gratifying. Character development is also amazing. Each character is unique and has a specific purpose which they fulfill extremely well.

So there you have it, the top 5 list of underrated manga that you need to read this summer.

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