11 Tokyo Ghoul Quotes To Absolutely Die For!

Tokyo Ghoul is one of those anime which gives you a different perspective on the world. We learn that the world is more than just black and white, in fact most of it is grey with people crippling over life choices. This quote by Amon Koutaru perfectly illustratates that-

“What is right, what is wrong… you can’t easily tell the difference. That’s why you must keep thinking, whether what you are doing is right or not. That act itself, alone, can be called right.”

Tokyo Ghoul is all about relationships and the problems a person has to endure to maintain them. But above all, it’s about tribes. Every single person belongs to a tribe. It may be your friend circle, your family or the local band you play for. A tribe protects you when you are weak, lends strength when you need it. But what happens when you belong to more than just one tribe and both of your tribes are at loggerheads? Whose side are you on? Tokyo Ghoul makes you question your fundamental beliefs and that is probably the best thing about the anime. Hence I decided to edit some Tokyo Ghoul Quotes for ya’ll.

#1 Kaneki Ken Quotes

Human relationships are chemical reactions. If you have a reaction then you can never return back to your previous state of being.

Kaneki said this when his relationship with Touka had strained. They were together for a long time, did lot of things together. But Kaneki had to change everything for a bigger purpose, he had to abandon all his friends for the greater good, which ultimately meant discarding the current relationships. It was hard, but he did. This quote is a valuable reminder of “why we should think twice before hurting someone?”

tokyo ghoul quotes

#2 Juuzou suzuya quotes

Why should I apologize for being a monster? Has anyone ever apologized for turning me into one?

Juzo says this because as a kid was tortured and used by ghouls during their auctions. He was a victim of physical and mental abuse. People called him a monster for his innate killing abilities and how he could take down ghouls without a second thought. He was a complete freak. So when people called Juzo a monster, he often asked them this question of why? Often times people are a victim of others actions which ultimately fucks them mentally.

tokyo ghoul quotes

#3 Shuu Tsukiyaama Quotes

Books are nice, aren’t they? With just one sentence you can get lost in all sorts of dreams.

Tsukiyaama san uses this line when he meets Kaneki for the first time. He is often lost in books and pure imagination. This line is also a symbolism for how far reality is from a person’s dream.

tokyo ghoul quotes



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