Baki Season 2 Release Date, Future Plot and More!

Baki, the martial art anime based on the popular Shounen manga, Baki the Grappler has made it into the hearts of otakus.Even though, there was an anime adaptation earlier, Netflix’s acquisition of it completely changed the arc, gaining rave reviews all over the world.

The manga is still going strong with over 132 volumes.

When will Baki Season 2 come out?

Even though the complete Baki arc released earlier this year, it has been split for western audiences.

The first season only came out recently and the second season is expected to follow in the coming months. As of the official dates, Netflix is yet to make an announcement regarding the same.

What to expect in season 2 of Baki?

If there’s anything I can guarantee, then it’s the number of fights. The number of fights will compound in the second season. Also, at the end of the first season of Baki, his girlfriend was kidnapped by Sikorksy. So, in the follow up season we will see him rescue her most likely.

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