5 Assassination Classroom Quotes To Kickstart Your Day!

Assassination Classroom was one of the best anime I have ever seen. The anime had great values not to forget Koro sensei’s last words cut really deep. The monologues from Assassination classroom were beautiful as well. So I decided to make some Assassination Classroom quotes for my fellas out there.

#1 Assassination Classroom teacher quotes

Even a teacher learns without growing each day how would I be able to teach my students?

assassination classroom quotes

#2 Assassination Classroom life lessons

You are the one who will make your life bloom in the way you want it.That is what this class is meant to help you realize

assassination classroom quotes

#3 Assassination Classroom Nagisa Quotes

The educational policy he considers the most important isn’t “what river you live in” but “How You swim in the river you live in

assassination classroom quotes

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