Hi! I’m gonna confess my feelings about the Naruto ending… 

Well, first of all. Naruto taught me that never give up on your dreams. He taught me that, you should care about your comrades/friends. And I never thought that, I like Naruto  In the 1st place. When my brother told me that, “lets go watch Naruto” and my reply is “No! I dont want Naruto. ” yeah.. Gomen’ I hated Naruto. But, now I love Naruto. Cause, he taught me somethings. I learned so much from a person who’ll never exist. So, the day I heard that Naruto will end. I dont believe it. But the day, many Naruto pages said that Naruto will end. My mood suddenly change. From happy to sad. Mr. Kishimoto, I wish you’ll not end Naruto. Even it takes thousand episodes But.. I think you’ll never change your mind. So I respect your decision. So I decided that I’ll watch Naruto again. Naruto to Naruto Shippuuden.  I’ll watch how Naruto got strong, how Naruto fought Sasuke just to let him go back at Konoha, and more . Naruto, arigāto for teaching me good lessons. Thank you for making me laugh. slightsmile emoticonthank you for everything .~Anon

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