An Anti Valentines Day Anime?

Anti Valentines Day Anime

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1. It’s Valentine’s Day!

Love is in the air, Cupid has a quiver full of arrows, and corporations are ready to sell you TONS of cards!

2. However, you’re single.

It’s okay, maybe Cupid missed you or you choose to be single — not everyone needs to hook up.

3. Or you just HATE the manufactured feeling of the holiday.

Conversely, do you really need a holiday to shower your partner with love? You have all year to do something special!

4. Here’s an idea — celebrate Anti-Valentine’s Day.

What’s a better way to fight the system than by doing the opposite? That’s right, we’re rebels and don’t need some “holiday” to tell us how to feel!

5. Get anti-romantic with your favorite anime.

Love, sparkles, doki-doki moments — we don’t need them! Let’s watch people make terrible mistakes and revel in the rejection.

6. Treat only yourself to a fancy meal.

7. Spend some “private” time with some eroge.

Enjoy the thrill of eroticism (or enhance your current relationship) with some good ol’ eroge. You don’t even have to spend a dime thanks to Nutaku! We suggest Kamihime Project R or Taimamin Asagi Battle Arena for the adventurous.

8. You know what? Go on an otaku date.

It’s a yearly tradition that involves otaku sharing pictures of romantic dinners with their waifu or husbando. Yes, society, a dakimakura or a photo can make you feel happy!

9. Have some fun at a mixer.

Many cities and college towns host free and low-cost mixer events exclusively for singles. You can have a night of fun without the commitment — or walk away with a special someone.

10. Just treat it like another day.

I do have to work.

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