Anime where MC is lonely

Anime where MC is lonely

If you are looking for anime where MC is lonely, then here is the list-

  1. Welcome to the NHK
  2. Anohana
  3. Oregairu
  4. A silent voice
  5. Naruto
  6. Tokyo Ghoul
  7. Noragami
  8. Hell Girl
  9. Charlotte
  10. Rise of Shield Hero

I’ll add more to this list over time. Feel free to add your suggestions via the comments. Personally, I recommend Oregairu. It’s one of the best anime when it comes to dealing with loneliness.

If you are into Shounen, then go for Noragami, as it has all the elements needed to make an anime great. Well designed characters, great music and storyline, but has only two seasons. So, keep that in mind.

If you like dark anime, then give Tokyo Ghoul a chance. Kaneki is lonely as he doesn’t know how to deal with powers.

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