23 Anime Quotes About Life Absolutely Worth Sharing!

11. Sad Anime Quotes About Friendship

This quote is from Obito Uchiha. The anime is Naruto Shippuden. This is one of the lesser known quotes towards the end of the series.

I’m about to die, but I’ll become your eye and see the future with you.

obito quotes to kakashi

12. Anime Quotes About Broken Heart

This is a combination of multiple anime.

There’s always a little truth behind every just kidding,

There’s always a little knowledge behind every I don’t know,

There’s always an emotion behind every I don’t care,

There’s always pain behind every I’m fine.

Anime Quotes About Pain

13. Anime Quotes About Friendship

This quote is from Boku hero no Academia. The character shown in the below picture is Midoriya Izuku

Being a hero doesn’t mean you’re invisible. It means you’re brave enough to stand up when needed.

boku no hero academia quotes

14. Sad Anime Quotes About Life

Why should I apologize for being a monster? Has anyone ever apologized for turning me into one?

tokyo ghoul quotes

15. Anime Quotes About Darkness

You shouldn’t rip yourself to pieces to keep others whole.

Anime Quotes About Pain

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